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Blooket Play 2023: Blooket is an interactive educational gaming platform that enables teachers to create engaging games for students. Users can craft their own games or choose from pre-existing sets, with a variety of game modes available. Students join games by entering a unique code at Make learning enjoyable with Blooket!

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What are the Requirements for a Play a Blooket Game?

Smart DeviceComputer, tablet, or smartphone.
Internet Access3G, 4G, 5G etc.
Web BrowserGoogle Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge etc.
Game Code/Game IDProvided by the game host, this unique code allows players to join the specific game session.
Blooket Website
Optional Blooket AccountWhile you can play games without an account, having one may offer additional features or the ability to save progress, depending on the game’s setup.

How to Play a Blooket Game at

  • First, visit the Blooket website.
  • Next, click on the “Join A Game” or direct click this link at Enter “Blooket Join Code” in the provide box.
  • Then, enter a your unique nickname.
  • After that, “starting game” our Blooket dashboard.

Blooket Play Log In With Google

  • Visit Blooket: Official Blooket website.
  • Access the Login Page: On the Blooket homepage, locate and click on the “Log In” button.
  • Choose Google Login Option: Once on the login page. Click on the button “Log in with Google”.
  • Select Your Google Account: Select the Google account you wish to use to log in to Blooket.
  • Permissions (First Time Only): If it’s your first time logging in to Blooket with your Google account, you may be prompted to allow Blooket to access certain information. Click “Allow” or “Yes” to proceed.
  • Successful Login: Once you’ve chosen your account and granted any necessary permissions, you’ll be automatically redirected back to the Blooket dashboard, now logged in with your Google account.
  • Start Playing or Hosting: Now that you’re logged in, you can join games, host your own, or explore other Blooket features.